Apps and Services with .NET 7: Build practical projects with Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, and other enterprise technologies


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Bestselling author Mark Price is back to guide you through the coolest and most common technologies a .NET developer should know: Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, SQL Server, Cosmos DB, OData, SignalR, Azure Functions, and more!

Purchase of the print or Kindle book includes a free eBook in PDF format.

Key FeaturesBuild services using a variety of technologies including Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SignalR, and Azure FunctionsLearn how to use specialized libraries to improve all aspects of your applications, including performance and localizationLeverage .NET MAUI to develop cross-platform desktop and mobile apps with easeBook Description

Apps and Services with .NET 7 is for .NET 6 and .NET 7 developers who want to kick their C# and .NET understanding up a gear by learning the practical skills and knowledge they need to build real-world applications and services. It covers specialized libraries that will help you monitor and improve performance, secure your data and applications, and internationalize your code and apps.

With chapters that put a variety of technologies into practice, including Web API, OData, gRPC, GraphQL, SignalR, and Azure Functions, this book will give you a broader scope of knowledge than other books that often focus on only a handful of .NET technologies. It covers the latest developments, libraries, and technologies that will help keep you up to date.

You’ll also leverage .NET MAUI to develop mobile apps for iOS and Android as well as desktop apps for Windows and macOS.

What you will learnLearn how to build more efficient, secure, and scalable apps and servicesLeverage specialized .NET libraries to improve your applicationsImplement popular third-party libraries like Serilog and FluentValidationBuild cross-platform apps with .NET MAUI and integrate with native mobile featuresGet familiar with a variety of technologies for implementing services like gRPC and GraphQLExplore Blazor WebAssembly and use open-source Blazor component librariesStore and manage data locally and in the cloud with SQL Server and Cosmos DBWho this book is for

This book is for .NET developers interested in exploring more specialized libraries and implementation fundamentals behind building services and apps.

You’ll need to know your way around .NET and C# quite well before you can dive in, so if you want to work your way up to this book, pick up Mark’s other .NET book, C# 11 and .NET 7 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals, first.

Table of ContentsIntroducing Apps and Services with .NETManaging Relational Data Using SQL ServerManaging NoSQL Data Using Azure Cosmos DBBenchmarking Performance, Multitasking, and ConcurrencyImplementing Popular Third-Party LibrariesObserving and Modifying Code Execution DynamicallyHandling Dates, Times, and InternationalizationProtecting Your Data and ApplicationsBuilding and Securing Web Services with Minimal APIsExposing Data via the Web Using ODataCombining Data Sources Using GraphQLBuilding Efficient Microservices Using gRPCBroadcasting Real-Time Communication Using SignalRBuilding Serverless Nanoservices Using Azure FunctionsBuilding Web User Interfaces Using ASP.NET CoreBuilding Web Components Using Blazor WebAssemblyLeveraging Open-Source Blazor Component LibrariesBuilding Mobile and Desktop Apps Using .NET MAUIIntegrating .NET MAUI Apps with Blazor and Native PlatformsIntroducing the Survey Project ChallengeEpilogue

From the Publisher

.net 7

.net 7 7 author

expert insight bookexpert insight book Key Features: Written for .NET developers who want to get up to speed with the latest technologies​ Review questions, exercises, and complete solution code on the book’s GitHub repository​ A dedicated Discord channel where you can ask the author questions and talk to other readers​

How is this book different from your other book, C# 11 and .NET 7 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals?

C# 11 and .NET 7 – Modern Cross-Platform Development Fundamentals is best read linearly, as knowledge in earlier chapters is needed for later ones. Each chapter of Apps and Services with .NET 7 is as independent as possible; you can dip into them in any order, treating the book more as a cookbook of recipes.

I designed the two books to complement each other: first the fundamentals, then specialized libraries and technologies.​

Each chapter explores a technology to a meaningful depth:​

You’ll see an actual practical implementation and make a smart choice about using it (or not) You’ll be introduced to the most essential concepts and unique features of the technology You’ll see the strengths and weaknesses of each technology


.net maui

cosmos dbcosmos db


Explore a modern and flexible way to combine and expose your data as a service​

Build cross-platform mobile and desktop apps with .NET MAUI and integrate them with Blazor components​

Manage relational and NoSQL data with SQL Server and Cosmos DB​

Use a modern high-performance RPC framework for improved efficiency and scalability​

apps and servicesapps and services

How did you decide which technologies to cover?

As a technical trainer, I get to talk with thousands of .NET developers. I hear what projects they are working on and what technologies they are using to implement them. I have been working with Microsoft developer technologies for my entire 30+ year career.​

There are often commonalities between specific technologies in a category like services. So, learning the best one or two is enough to grasp the important concepts and techniques for all others in that category too. For example, I picked SQL Server as the relational database and Cosmos DB as the cloud database. These are the most likely two databases that a .NET developer will encounter in their working lives.

For students or programmers early in their careers, a broader approach is best, and the common ideas can then be applied throughout their career as they encounter “newer” technologies. Ideas come in and out of fashion, and every few decades they repeat in cycles.

Table of Contents: Managing NoSQL Data Using Azure Cosmos DB Benchmarking Performance, Multitasking, and Concurrency​ Building and Securing Web Services Using Minimal APIs​ Combining Data Sources Using GraphQL​ Leveraging Open-Source Blazor Component Libraries​ Building Mobile and Desktop Apps Using .NET MAUI​ …and more!

.net book

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Packt Publishing (November 15, 2022)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 814 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1801813434
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1801813433
Item Weight ‏ : ‎ 3.03 pounds
Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 7.5 x 1.84 x 9.25 inches

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Apps and Services with .NET 7: Build practical projects with Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, and other enterprise technologies
Apps and Services with .NET 7: Build practical projects with Blazor, .NET MAUI, gRPC, GraphQL, and other enterprise technologies


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